How To Use This Site

  1. Call or email to get a new Login from
  2. Go to the Instructions (a.k.a. Courses Page) and select the New Employee Course.
  3. Go through each lesson.   Make sure to Mark the Lesson Complete when you have completed it.  This is based on the honor system, so please act accordingly.  Progress is tracked by the Director.
  4. Also go to the Course that belongs to your department.  Use that course as a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) repository.
    1. Featured Images should be 500×341
  5. As an employee it is part of your job to maintain the information in this website.  To correct information, either email with the page URL and corrected information or make changes in the comments.
  6. To make new pages, see the Lesson in the New Employee Course.
  7. Never store passwords in the comments or in these pages. It is not secure.