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This is an expensive curriculum, but thanks to the generous sponsorship of SABBSA by purchasing this curriculum for our use, we are able to offer these workshops free of charge for registered participants!

  • September  21: “Why Does Genesis Matter?” and “Introduction to Genesis: Author, date, structure, genre.”
  • October 19 “Day 1: The creation of the world” and “Days 2 and 3: The creation of dry land and plants.”
  • January 18, 2021 “Day 4: The creation of light-givers” and “Days 5 and 6: The creation of air, sea, and land creatures.”
  • February 15 “Day 6: The creation of mankind” and “The Fall: A cosmic catastrophe.”
  • March 15 “The Pre-Flood World” and “Noah’s Flood and Billions of Years”
  • April 19 “Noah’s Flood and the Ark” and “The Post-Flood World”

Free Distant Learning Lessons and Online Study Guide!

Registered participants will be sent a link and code at the beginning of each month, giving them access to view the lessons at their own pace and on their own schedule. The 12-session Genesis Academy video lessons covering Genesis chapters 1 through 11 from both theological and creation science perspectives provides you with online distanced teaching. This teaching curriculum features a free online study guide with fillable worksheets you can use while watching the videos. We will cover two lessons each of the months of September, October, January, February, March, and April and take off during the busy November and December holidays.

Live Support, Q & A, and Discussions!

On the third Monday of each of these months, we will hold a 45-minute zoom meeting/discussion session on the two videos viewed that month hosted by our friends at SABBSA.

Earn your Certificate!

A certificate recognizing your achievement and documenting your completion of the Genesis Academy is available. Students and/or families which download and use the free study guide to fill in all of the worksheets for each session qualify. In April 2021, send us a copy of the filled-in online sheets for the entire teaching curriculum or photos of your hard copies to qualify for a certificate of completion, saying that you have successfully completed the Genesis Academy Curriculum!

Once Enrolled

Once enrolled, your course content, including Zoom codes,  will show up on this page.  Each month’s lessons will unlock on the appropriate dates.